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Star Wars Unlimited Online: How to Get Started

How to Play Star Wars Unlimited Online

Do you want to play Star Wars Unlimited Online but don’t know where to begin?   Star Wars Unlimited has caught fire capturing the hearts of hardcore TCG players to Star Wars fans where SWU put you in control of leaders such as Luke Sky Walker, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and many more.  Plans have already begun for their next release due on July 12th called Shadows of the Galaxy.  

Star Wars Unlimited Online official play has not begun but that has not stopped the online game developers.  Force Table, a component of the Felt Table network, stands as a fan-driven online platform designed for engaging in popular TCG/CCG card games against AI adversaries. Its primary aim is to facilitate game learning, deck experimentation in a non-competitive setting, and the convenience of always-accessible AI opponents for challenging encounters.

Force Table comes in 3 modes, quick match, sealed and draft.  Sealed and draft are avaliable through a Patreon purchase for as low as $5.00 a month but there are other options as well.

  •  Quick Match – Start with either the preconstructed decks of Luke or Vader Starter Decks or make your own.  This option is a great way for begginers to start to understand the mechanics of cards and gameplay.  As you get more advanced and you want to try a custom deck out simply select a leader and base and copy and paste the JSON output from
  • Sealed – Spark of the Rebelion – You will be given 6 packs. Select a hero and any quantity of tokens to construct a deck with a minimum of 30 cards. Challenge AI adversaries of escalating proficiency to seize the title of champion!
  • Draft – Spark of the Rebelion – You will be provided with three packs. Start by choosing leaders in a draft format. Subsequently, select one card at a time from booster packs that rotate, passing each pack to the left after selection. Utilize these cards to construct a deck with a minimum of 30 cards. Engage in competition against AI adversaries of escalating challenge levels to strive for the title of champion!

Although this will never be a replacement to actually coming into Skillshotz Gaming and playing Star Wars Unlimited, it is a great way to try out the flow of a new deck, getting to know new cards, or just having fun!

Unveiling the Shadows of the Galaxy: Star Wars Unlimited Card Game

Unveiling the Shadows of the Galaxy: Star Wars Unlimited Card Game

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