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Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers! Its common that you may have a question for us as our rooms and event space are very flexible. Here are some common questions… 

General questions

Do you need a membership to enter into Skillshotz?

No, come on in any enjoy our retail area and if there are smelled card games at the tables, the door will be open.  

How do I reserve a room?

We offer an app to reserve rooms. Please click HERE to see if your date is avaliable. 

How long are room rentals?

Rooms are blocked off for 4 hour increments. 

I am not in a party of people and want to play

Its very easy to be a part of this amazing community. If you want to check things out just come on over during business hours and we will give you a tour. There is also a app that you can use to start looking at chat and events to get into the action

Dungeons & Dragons

I am new to the game. Do you offer and beginner games?

Welcome to D&D! We have experienced DMs to run you through character creation and to get you started in your first campaign. Go to our app and look for our monthly Beginners Campaign!

How can I join a campaign?

Joining a campaign can be tricky.  We start new ones for different level characters all the time thou. Head over to our app or Discord.

I have a Dungeon Master already. Do they need to be a member

DMs play for FREE. The only thing we ask is that they register so they can communicate with their party and to us to reserve rooms.

I have never used a Virtual Tabletop. Can I get trained?

We offer DM training to get you familiar with all of the technology in the room. It takes about 30 minutes.